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Welcome to aiLotto Software the developer of the LottoPirate lottery software. We hope the information provided here will assist our users and avid lottery players alike in winning the big one. We've provided a number of resources here to help you resolve problems, report bugs, and suggest improvements to our product.

aiLotto Software is dedicated to providing innovative and state of the art lottery software for serious lottery players. The advancement in computers and software has made development of software beyond the realm of wheeling systems or simple statistical analysis. We incorporate only those tools that will give you the edge in choosing your winning combinations. While we cannot guarantee a winning number combination every draw, your odds of winning are a lot better when incorporating our software into your combination picking strategies.

Our software is intended for the recreational use of our customers only. If you have a serious gambling addiction we recommend you seek counseling. Only those funds not committed to the necessity of life should be used in the purchase of any lottery tickets.
Number Selection Should Be More Than Just a Roll of the Dice!

The LottoPirate - Serious Lottery Software for the Serious Player.

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