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This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with where you can purchase our software or service.

Note: Specific software support issues should be direct to support@lottopirate.com directly. You can also use the support resources available on this website to help you with support issues. Provided below are the top 5 questions asked by our customers.

  1. How do I purchase your software ?
  2. Where can I find information on the techniques you use in your software and service ?
  3. Why don't you offer the software and service for free ?
  4. Who is aiLotto Software ?
  5. What is the likelihood that I will the lottery using your software or service ?


How do I purchase your software ?

You may purchase our software directly via download or use our number selection processes located at our secondary website of www.ailotto.com . Because of the development licensing requirements imposed by Microsoft, we can not provide this software for free. We charge a minimal amount for the software but encourage all to subscribe to our yearly support service that will assist you in using the software and getting the updates we provide for it. We minimally update the software once a year.

To purchase our software you may use this link to order a copy:


Alternatively, our aiLotto Software site is dedicated to the open source movement and you are able to obtain numbers for draws by subscribing to the service on a yearly basis. You will not need to purchase any software and all of our latest number strategies are contained in all of the combinations made available for each draw. The subscription service has a modest yearly charge and is non-refundable.

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Where can I find information on the techniques you use in your software and service ?

We do not provide white papers or any other details on the specific techniques being used. Our software incorporates the latest mathematical and database technologies available. The selection processes have been tested rigorously and are based on sound statistical techniques. While we can not guarantee winning numbers each and every time the use of our software or service will greatly improve your odds of winning any of the prizes offered.

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Why don't you offer the software and service for free ?

The internet has created unrealistic expectations on the part of consumers. Companies in the past have provided services and products for free. The majority of these type of firms are no longer present on the internet. Bandwidth, hosting services and personal time to maintain a website all require some form of compensation.  If everything was free then the developments of the software and internet would not have occurred. We believe consumers will pay a fair price for software and services provided on the internet. 

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Who is aiLotto Software ?

aiLotto Software is an Alberta based organization that has been developing financial and gaming software for over 20 years. Our other services include web programming and development. We are committed to providing quality products and services to our customers. 

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What is the likelihood that I will win the lottery using your software or service ?

We offer no guarantees or assurances that you will win more often or win the big one. Our software and service have been optimized to provide the most likely combinations that will be drawn based on statistical analysis and past probabilities. The exact methodology remains proprietary and have proven successful over the past years.

While others may declare a sure thing we offer no assurances and maintain that a systematic method that is followed will result in more wins and the likelihood of cashing in on a major jackpot. There are many different vendors of software and techniques offering assurances or guarantees of more frequent wins by using their product or service. In reality it often is the player that purchases on a consistent basis number combinations that wins jackpots. The basis of selection whether it is a set dollar amount or a simple number selection strategy requires you to play to win. 

Because of the speculative nature involved in playing the lottery we encourage all to only use funds not required for maintaining the necessities of life in buying lottery tickets. Those players that spend large amounts based on jackpot sizes or hunches often lose and financing such purchases by borrowing against secured assets will lead to financial disaster. We encourage all with a gambling addiction to seek counseling and assistance. For those in Canada, Provincial Governments offer gambling addiction service counseling we provide a link for the Alberta Government Services below. For others outside Canada and Alberta you may wish to investigate similar services for your area of residency.


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